Whale Supersub Electric Bilge Pump

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Supersub Electric Bilge Pumps manufactured by Whale.

  • The Whale® Supersub 500 and 1100 electric bilge pumps have a super slim, low profile design and feature an easy to clean integral strum box.
  • N.B. As with all submersible electrics, attention is needed during installation to ensure that wiring connections remain above water level.
  • Specified output is US gph open flow.


  • Extremely low profile, only 54mm high
  • Vertical or horizontal outlet position
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Removable strainer for easy cleaning
  • Strainer design leaves minimum water level
  • 131658/131660 features 25/28mm stepped hose connector
Part Number Capacity (Open Flow) Capacity @1m head Power Mount Screws (gauge) Outlet Diameter
BLA-131654 31.5L/m (500gph) 25L/m (400gph) 12V (2.6 amps) 4 r/h 19mm