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This 12 volt flexible impeller pump is specifically manufactured for wakeboard and ski boats for water ballast transfer.

This quick and convenient kit will help custom shape the boats wake to suit any boarder's style.

The pump is capable of transferring approx 34KG (34 litres) of water ballast per minute at 1.5 metre head - filling or emptying a 200 litre ballast tank in just under 6 minutes.

The pump is fully reversible to both fill and empty ballast tanks in quick time, simply and easily.

Self priming to 0.9 metres (3 feet), won't airlock and has exclusive run dry protection and ignition protected motor.

Supplied with a special green polyurethane compound impeller that handles reversing with ease.

Supplied with high quality dash mount switch unit marked "Ballast" fill and empty, complete with fitted connectors and long heavy duty electrical wiring.

Hose connection ports - dual 1/2" NTP internal female thread and 25mm external hose barb.