Ultraflex Silversteer Tilt Mount Helm Pumps - 84027

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Ultraflex Spare X70 Tilt Mechanism
SilverSteer have been specifically designed for high torque applications such as bass boats, flats boats, and boats with shallow dead rise and high horsepower. Featuring a 1500 psi check valve and a patented pressure valve that enhances responsiveness, the SilverSteer helms will deliver very precise steering at all torque loads. Available in three different displacement sizes. Compact design. Ball bearing piston race. Built-in lock valve for positive rudder lock. Integral relief valve for over-pressure protection. Stainless steel shaft. Easily accessible lock valve and shaft seal for replacement. Cast iron rotor for greater durability and longer life. 1/4" NPT fitting for 3/8" tube. Includes elbow fittings. UP39T-SVS helm pumps are ideal for dual cylinder, dual engine applications. Tilt mechanism X70 - 84027 has a tilt range of 48 degree and five locking positions. PART NO. 84027 Note: On high performance SilverSteer systems use X70?SVS - 84027 tilt mechanism only. Kit F - 84108 (optional but recommended) Remote Filler Kit Adapter not included.