Turning Point Mach3 Express Blade Stainless Steel Propeller - EX3 Model

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Turning Point Mach3 Express Blade Stainless Steel Propeller only - EX3 Model. Note that a Turning Point propeller hub kit needs to be purchased separately to the propeller.

Utilizing almost 40 years of race boat and high performance prop design expertise, the Express Mach3 series of props captures all the best techniques and technologies available to get the most out of the boat.

Aggressive pitch angles, radical designs, sharp cup profiles, these 3 blade propellers excel at achieving maximum speed, while delivering Best-in-Class handling and acceleration.

Upgrading your current propeller from aluminum to stainless steel, or from an old generation design to the latest technology, Express Mach3 Propeller is the best investment in boat improvement you can make. Today's New Designs will run circles around the competition, and can make dramatic improvements in boat performance.

The gain in fuel economy can often pay for the cost of a new propeller in one or two seasons, making it a sound investment in your time on the water. Express Mach3 props are available for 9.9 (Bigfoot) to 300+hp outboards and sterndrives.

Choosing your Turning Point propeller is a two-step process:

  1. This propeller suits the motors listed below. If your motor is not listed, see other Turning Point propellers
TPT-202483 11" 10.5" EX3-1011
TPT-202487 13" 10.125" EX3-1013
2. Purchase the associated Hub Installation Kit which should suit the drive shaft on your outboard.
Evinrude & Johnson 4 stroke: 25hp, 30hp 10 26 Hub Kit
Suzuki DT 2 stroke ('87+): 20, 25, 25C, 30, 30C DF 4 stroke: 25hp, 30hp 10 26 Hub Kit