TRUDESIGN Valve & Connectors - Aquavalve 3-Way - 45354

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3 Way Connector - White No tails
The Tru-Design Aquavalve has been designed to handle hot or cold water and waste treatment chemicals. The Valve is produced in FDA approved materials to handle drinking water but is also ideal as a diverting valve for waste water on sewerage holding or treatment systems. Manufactured from a glass reinforced nylon composite. Pressure tested to 300 PSI, each valve seal tested with full service and parts backup. Stainless steel fasteners. Handle position lockable. 45330 - 25mm White Connect - 3 Pack 45332 - 38mm White Connect - 3 Pack PART NO. 45354 Note: Refer to "TruDesign Aquavalve Tail Hose Connectors" on page 66