Trailer Plugs - LED

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The LED Trailer Plug provides an accurate visual check via 6 illuminated LED’s to ensure there is power supplied through each correct circuit and that power from the source is active through the trailer plug.

The LED Trailer Plugs also come standard with an off/on switch to ensure that the LED’s only illuminate when turned on for testing.

In the round 7 pin small and large trailer plugs and sockets, the Plug now incorporates a revolutionary 3 step wiring body which makes installation as simple as a 7 pin flat plug.

The LED wiring from the circuit board to the LED’s has wire connections that are standard industry colours to assist the DIY or DIFM customer easy installation.

* New inbuilt LED circuit tester
* Simple colour coded wiring
* Revolutionary 3 step wiring body
* On/off switch incorporated
* Fits all standard trailer plugs