Toilet - Manual Jabsco 3000

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Great Quality at an Amazing price!

A totally new design manual toilet which makes all competitors old copies obsolete.

Features include a styled plastic seat and cover, external top & seal housing for quick, clean replace ment of seal and piston rod guide.

Conveniently positioned contoured handle and flush control lever, multi angle discharge elbow and reversible pump mounting for choice of right or left handed installation

Dimensions mm: 450(W) x 410(D) x 340(H)

• Reversible pump mounting allows re-assembly for left hand operation by installer.
• Powerful self-priming, double-acting piston pump.
• Strong swirl action for efficient flushing.
• Crevice free contours and skirted base for added cleanliness and hygiene.
• Contoured handle and conveniently positioned flush control lever for ease of use.
• Angled pump housing and long stroke for easier pumping.
• Spring assisted top valve closure for easier priming.
• Automatic vacuum breaker operated by flush control lever for easier bowl emptying.
• Constant 38mm (1 1/2") bore waste path minimises blockages.
• Aortic joker valve combines full 38mm (1 1/2") bore with automatic back- flow prevention.
• Multi-angle discharge elbow for ease of installation.
• Accessible mounting points for faster installation.
• All fastenings face front or top for superbly simple servicing without need for special tools.
• Renewable external seal housing for quick, clean replacement of seal and piston rod guide.
• Positively located gaskets ensure correct re-assembly.
• Dual function base plug combines winter drain point with easy cleaning access.

Available in Standard or large bowl version (470mm wide x 480 deep x 350 High)

Can be couriered in the Sydney Metro, otherwise freight or pick up only