TMC Livewell Straight Pump

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The TMC Livewell Pump is designed for easy installation, available in three different models to suit your requirements.

The twin-port design provides the convenience of using one intake for both Livewell and a washdown pump connection. A breather hole allows the pump to clear trapped air while the boat is travelling through rough water or anchored.

The TMC Livewell Pump's unique design and features a removable motor which can be separated away from theport housing, allowing easy cleaning or maintenance. The motor cartridge has a simple twist-lock method that firmly attaches and holds the motor cartridge to the port housing, which sets it apart from most Livewell Pumps available on the market.

Twin Ports

  • The twin port design offers the convenience of using just one intake for both livewell and a water washdown pump.

Rotatable Discharge Port

  • The discharge port can be rotated 360° providing an easy to install design.

Replaceable Motor Cartridge

  • Livewell pump is designed so that the motor can be remove or replace for easy maintenance.

Airlock Prevention

  • Top breathing holes prevent airlocks.

Additional 1/2" NPT Port

  • An additional 1/2" NPT port allows the livewell pump to be connected to a wash down pump.

CE Certified

  • Meets ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 manufacturing standards.

Note: For different models please check SAW-23023 or SAW-23025