StingRay Stealth Senior Hydrofoil 75hp-300hp

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The Stealth design utilises advanced hydrofoil technology with a cord design that creates dual angle of attack wings. The first angle provides faster planning while the
second angle provides stability and reduces top end drag.

Designed to give optimal performance and handling agility at all speeds for 75HP to 300HP motors, the Stealth also helps boats plane faster while improving fuel economy. The no-drill attachment method means easy installation on a wide range of motors and horsepower sizes. The unique no-drill fastening method utilises special grip strips and six countersunk tightening set screws to create a secure attachment to the motors cavitation plate, meaning easy installation on a wide range of motors and horsepower sizes.


With a StingRay Hydrofoil Stabilizer, You’re Up On Plane in Less Than Half The Time it Normally Takes


When it comes to getting a boat out of the hole, nothing else comes close. 





Eliminates Chinewalking


By their very design, “V” bottom boats are susceptible to chinewalking.  This dangerous side-to-side rocking lessens control and performance.


Here the StingRay’s wings go to work.  The stabilizing action balances the boat to keep it upright and moving forward without a hassle.  StingRay works while you play!




StingRay Hydrofoils Stops Porpoising


Porpoising is the name given to the forward and back motion some boats experience while riding on the water.  Picture a porpoise leaping through the water and you get the idea.  It may be fine for them, but its murder on a boat’s performance, comfort and safety.  This pounding causes many people to ride only in the very back of the boat.



StingRay corrects this action, providing you with more comfort, safety and performance. After all, who wants to get bounced around all day?