Sportsstuff Tube - Sumo with Splash Guard - 1 Person

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The Sumo Tube is the world's only freestyle towable that you wear! This single chamber tube is made of 100% heavy-duty K80 PVC and is put over the rider like a shirt, instead of being directly attached to the boat. Take it to the beach for the ultimate body surfing experience, or grab two Sumos and have a Sumo wrestling match with a friend!

The Sumo Splash Guard (included) is an inflatable armrest/handle with a sleek splash-deflecting design that will keep the spray out of your face. Featuring 6 double webbing foam handles and EVA foam knuckle guards on a heavy-duty full nylon cover. Simply connect a standard tow rope to the Sumo Splash Guard and you can steer the Sumo Tube back and forth, jump the wake, and roll 360s!

They both come equipped with the Speed Safety Valve for fast inflation to get you on the water in a hurry.