Speakers -Water Proof

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Designed for permanent outdoor installation in a marine environment.

Made from high grade, moulded white plastic with waterproof polypropylene and rubber cones.

Two–way marine speaker providing ultra-crisp top end and nice tight lows.

Peak power is per speaker.

• Waterproof
• Polypropylene/rubber cones
• 4 ohms impedance
• Sold in pairs

Small: Face Diameter: 132mm, Intrusion: 46mm, Cut Out Diameter: 93mm, Peak Power Watts: 50
Medium: Face Diameter: 149mm, Intrusion: 54.5mm, Cut Out Diameter: 112mm, Peak Power Watts: 70
Large: Face Diameter: 179mm, Intrusion: 63mm, Cut Out Diameter: 133mm, Peak Power Watts: 110