Single Billet Oil Filter Remote Mount Kit AF64-2042

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Fast and easy no mess oil changes are now possible thanks to Aeroflow's universal oil filter relocation system.

The system contains an adaptor to convert the stock filter landing to an oil passage, a remote single filter mount and 2.5 metres of braided hose for custom fit oil lines.

Anodised ORB fittings eliminate messy sealants, thread tape and the chance of cracking the housing due to over tightening.

Fit engines with the following spin on filter thread sizes: 3/4" - 16, 13/16" - 16, 1" -12, M18 x 1.5mm, M20 x 1.5mm and M22 x 1.5mm. The filter mount is designed for use with oil filters with a 3/4" - 16 thread.