SeaStar Tandem Catamaran Outboard Hydraulic Steering 291608

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This balanced cylinder from SeaStar has been specifically developed to simply and economically link twin engine installations with one common cylinder. The cylinder is ideally suited to catamarans and pod type installations. SeaStar have taken a standard front mount cylinder and changed the mounting configuration so that the cylinder remains stationary while the push rod actuates motor direction. The cylinder is designed to be mounted between the two engines with custom link arms connecting each rod end to the tiller arms of each engine. A ball joint fitted at either end of the push rod provides individual flexibility for the motors. The cylinder is mounted via four x 5/16" UNC bolts directly to the transom or pod of the vessel. As with all hydraulic cylinders the bleed nipple points must be at the highest point of cylinder installation.

The cylinder features an anodised alloy barrel and chromed stainless steel shaft for extended seal life.

The SeaStar Helm Pump is an axial piston pump specifically designed for manual steering. Every load bearing point within the helm pump runs on either a roller or ball bearing race for super low friction, smooth, positive steering. It has a built-in lock valve to prevent the steering load from feeding back to the driver. The lock valve will not allow the rudder or drive unit to move until you apply load by turning the steering wheel. The lock valve section of the helm also includes a relief valve. This relief valve provides over pressure protection for mechanical components, hydraulic hoses and fittings.


To establish whether or not this cylinder would be suitable for your application the following points should be considered:
1. Fore and aft alignment of cylinder. If not mounted in-line, motors will have different turning radius
2. Distance between motors
3. Distance of travel in tilt arc
4. Horizontal alignment of cylinder

Cylinder Displacement: 135.2cc
Bore: 32mm
Stroke: 254mm

Complete Kit comprises of:
1 x 291006 Tandem Catamaran Cylinder
1 x 291502 SeaStar Helm - 1.7
1 x 282997 15m x 3/8" Hose Kit - Semi rigid
2 x 293610 Nut & Olive Kits
3 x 291902 SeaStar Hdraulic Oil

Dual engines using single cylinder
Non counter rotating applications up to 450hp (total) max.
Counter rotating engine applications up to 600 hp (total) max.