SeaStar Splashwell Mount Outboard Hydraulic Steering System Single Engine Kit

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SeaStar Splashwell Mount Outboard Hydraulic Steering System Single Engine Kit.

Designed to fit almost any outboard.


  • Fits engines with or without tilt tube as per ABYC/ NMMA/BIA standard, provided they have a 3⁄8" 24 UNF thread in the steering arm
  • Twin axis, swivelling mount end enables cylinder to be located in most splashwells
  • Anodised alloy cylinder body for reduced friction and extended seal life
  • Chromed stainless steel push rod for longer seal life

Selecting a Splashwell Mount Outboard Steering System

  1. Select a compatible system configuration based on the number of engines and total engine power
  2. Select the 291199 tie bar for dual engine installation
  3. Select the appropriate helm and accessory hardware for each steering station
  4. Select the fitting and hose kits required for the installation
  5. Confirm that there is sufficient space available in the splashwell and dash areas for the steering components

N.B. Unbalanced cylinders have unequal wheel turns. When the helm is turned one turn, a certain volume of fluid is pumped into the cylinder. On one side of an unbalanced cylinder piston is the push rod, which reduces the effective cylinder volume. The cylinder area on the other side of the piston has no push rod. The rod side of the piston will move faster per turn of the wheel because less space is available for fluid than on the side with no rod. single unbalanced cylinders cannot be used in conjunction with SeaStar Pro helm.