SeaStar Solutions Station Selector Unit

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SeaStar Solutions Station Selector Unit

When using dual function controls in dual station applications, it is necessary to isolate the two systems by the use of dual station exchangers, as it is not possible to back drive dual function controls. The system utilises a dual station unit for each engine function e.g. throttle and gear shift. Suitable for inboards with hydraulic gearboxes, inboards with light duty mechanical gearboxes, stern drives and outboards.


  • To be used with dual function, single lever controls to allow operation of both gear and throttle from two separate locations
  • Mounted close to main station


  • Unique lock out mechanism allows the skipper to isolate the unattended control

CCX632 and CCX633 cables recommended. Also accepts universal 30/33 series cables, CC230, CC330 and CC332.

Manufactured from passivated steel.