SeaStar Power Assist System

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SeaStar Power Assist System.

SeaStar Power Pump Selection

When selecting a SeaStar power pump, always ensure the pump has the required rotation for the engine. These pumps develop the specified rated flow at 1200 RPM, the excess flow at higher RPM is circulated back to the tank via the integral flow control valve. Pressure relief is preset and integral. If using two pumps, outlet check valves are required on each pump. Crossover relief is suggested for twin cylinder applications. Power steering pump specifications - 15 L/min flow control, 1250 psi relief.

SeaStar Power Assist

The SeaStar Power Assist unit can be installed on new SeaStar steering installations or as an easy retro-fit to existing systems. Suitable for most boat types, the SeaStar Power Assist uses an electronically controlled hydraulic pump to provide on-demand power steering. Designed to be easily installed into the hydraulic steering circuit between the helm and steering cylinder.

An additional feature allows the Power Assist to adjust automatically to the input voltage from the boats batteries to either 12V or 24V.

The SeaStar Power Assist can be used on boats with multiple engines and rudders, multiple steering stations and autopilots. As a built in safety feature the steering system will automatically return to manual operation without any change to the number of lock-to-lock turns if power to the unit is interrupted for any reason.

The SeaStar Power Assist helps eliminate steering loads and provides high levels of comfort and control making boating more pleasurable. The SeaStar Power Assist allows the boat to be driven safely and easily even in the most extreme conditions.

The Power assist Pro delivers up to 1500 psi to suit SeaStar Pro helms.


  • Dramatically reduces steering effort
  • Easy to install with universal mount to suit either vertical or horizontal fixing
  • Simple addition to an existing SeaStar steering system (from 1.4 to 2.4 SeaStar standard and tilt helms)
  • For SeaStar Pro Helms refer to 295067
  • OEM or retro-fit
  • Returns to manual operation in the event of power failure
  • Suitable for use with autopilots and multiple station installations
  • Ignition protected (SAE J-1171)
  • For use only with SeaStar or SeaStar Pro hose
  • ABYC, CE, NMMA, ISO 10592 approved
  • Compatible with power purge systems
  • 12/24V Automatically detected
  • Harness length 15ft
  • High pressure recommended for all D325/350 and high steering load applications