SeaStar Adjustable Outboard Hose Kit with Cylinder 291016

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SeaStar Adjustable Outboard Hose Kit with Cylinder 291016.

Not sure of the hose length required to install your hydraulics into your vessel? BLA has made available the most popular kit to now include a 50 foot length of hose and 2 x re-usable fittings. Simply cut the hose to length and apply fittings.

SeaStar Steering Systems are totally self-contained, non power-assisted units that make steering a boat a truly enjoyable experience. Their super-efficient hydraulic operation produces an effect most people equate with “power steering”. With a compact helm, two hoses and a cylinder, a SeaStar system fits easily into the same space as a mechanical system.

The SeaStar Hydraulic System

Easy to install (only three components):

  • Helm
  • Cylinder
  • Tube or hose

Compact and attractive helm design. Variety of helm mounting configurations. Simple tube/hose fitting connections. Clear, concise installation instructions.

Easy to fill and purge:

  • Engineered bleed fittings on the cylinders
  • A helm and lock valve design that enhances air removal
  • A no mess filler device
  • Filling and purging time of normally less than 30 minutes


  • Heavy duty bearings instead of bushings
  • All metal construction. All exposed components are either stainless steel, marine grade anodised aluminium or brass
  • Field replaceable helm and cylinder shaft seals
  • Anti-friction piston points
  • A no hassle warranty - two years for recreational use
    • one year for commercial use

SeaStar Outboard Steering System - Front Mount

Performance: This pivoting cylinder from SeaStar offers the incredible steering ease and reliability that puts SeaStar cylinders way ahead of the competition. Throughout the steering arc there simply isn’t anything that feels better to drive!

Simplicity: Integral bleeders and few components make installation a snap. Less moving parts and improved seals boost durability and reduce maintenance.

Reliability: SeaStar took it’s previous cylinder’s outstanding design to the next level, improving seals, bearings, fittings and corrosion protection.


  • 20% less effort at hard-over than competitive systems
  • Rigid tilt tube mount for no-compromise performance
  • Unique pivoting tiller connection allows full engine articulation with independent tilt and trim on twin engines
  • Ultra corrosion resistant construction. Painted components are anodised before coating for extra protection
  • Small footprint fits virtually all splashwells
  • Meets ABYC standards/NMMA requirements