Relaxn F170 Suspension Base - Anodised Aluminium

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Shock Mitigation Suspension Base Pedestal from Relaxn.

  • Precision engineered suspension bases featuring SMS technology (Shock Mitigation System).
  • Manufactured from 5052 Marine Grade aluminium for strength and high corrosion resistance.
  • Anodised finished for increased protection against the harsh marine environment.
  • Preloaded Nitrogen filled heavy-duty gas strut.
  • CNC precision cut aluminium.
  • All fastenings are 304G stainless steel & Nylon Washers
  • Nylon washers provide smooth, silent operation.
  • Includes protection skirt.
  • Stainless steel bushed pivot points.


  • Includes protection skirt.
  • Max Safe Working load includes the occupant, seat and any additional accessories