Performance Weed Strainer Filter Stainless

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Performance Quality Weed Strainer

170mm High x  115mm Accross

motors fitted with FNR trans cooler can get blocked very easily causing the motors to overheat and the rubber exhaust systems to blister and in some cases catch on fire.

This Weed Strainer is manufactured from 316 stainless steel and features a poly carbonate lid.
Small and robust, it can be fitted to any boat.

The Weed Strainers have been designed to allow maximum water flow whilst eliminating the majority of weed and debris being sucked through the motor and getting embedded in the Trans Cooler and damaging the impeller.

The Weed Strainer is fitted between the pick-up points and the trans cooler / water pump and the unique design allows the maximum amount of water to pass through the weed strainer without reducing the flow. 

The weed and debris that is sucked through the pick-up hoses is trapped by the stainless mesh panel. The lid can be easily removed and the weed and debris can be simply disposed of. 

When debris passes through the water pump it increases wear on the impeller. By fitting a Weed Strainer on your motor between the pick-up point and the trans cooler and/or water pump the wear can be substantially reduced.

Supplied with 1 1/4" female fittings, custom sizes on request.

Bracket available to suit PCM engines also available as an optional extra.

Full range of spares available