Perfect Pass Cruise

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This recreational product is aimed at the novice slalom skier, wakeboarder, and general water sport enthusiast.
PerfectPass Cruise features the same great RPM based pull and quality hardware as our famous Pro version in a very simple, inexpensive package.
The attractive two inch In-Dash Switch works like an automotive unit with On/Off, Resume, and Increase/Decrease functions.
There is even an LED indicator light.

This is how it works.
Turn the System ON and the LED light blinks (slowly) telling you it is ready.
Drive to the desired speed, then press the Engage Key and PerfectPass takes over (the LED now stays on).
If the skier falls and you pull back the throttle, the system immediately disengages and goes into Auto Resume mode ( LED light will blink rapidly).
Pull up the skier again and the system will automatically take over once the previously set speed is reached.
Speed changes can be made on the fly by pressing the Increase or Decrease key.

Talk to Cassell's today about installing Cruise for your ski boat....and let the fun begin.