PCM ZR6 EFI 409HP Centremount

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When it comes to performance, the PCM ZR-6 is the flagship of the line-up.

Suit Centremount application

- Includes Velvet Drive (forward Neutral Reverse)

It's rated at 390 horsepower and when equipped with PCM's famous Power Plus 1.23:1 transmission, it makes an incredible 492 foot-pounds of torque.

The ZR6 features PCM's new HO exhaust system, has high performance aluminum heads, and is freshwater cooled.

The distributorless ignition with platinum tip spark plugs stretches maintenance intervals into years.

The serpentine belt system and modular raw water pump make routine maintenance a snap.

The stainless steel pump is tough and specially engineered for the demands of the marine environment.
The ZR6 is super quiet, incredibly smooth, and provides neck-snapping performance.

And for all this power, the ZR6 still runs on standard octane fuel while the competition's high performance engines require premium

 PCM Model:ZR6 390Standard features:
Vibe-Free Mounting System
- Precision precompressed adjustable mount
- Rubber isolatiors for vibration-free performance
- Versatile six-way adjustment for trouble-free installation
- Unique rear mount system provides double support for added stability and strength

Multi-Port Fuel Injection
- Instant starting
- Precise throttle response
- Outstanding cruising and top-end performance
- Increased fuel efficiency
- The latest in multi-port technology

Engine Management System
- Knock sensor adusts for low octane fuel
- Automatic spark advance provides peak performance in all operating conditions
- Monitors the vital signs of the lubrication and cooling systems
- Rev limiter prevents engine damage from over-revving

Premium Fuel Delivery System
- Two-pump fuel system eliminates vapour lock
- Premium fuel filter/water separator protects EFI system against contaminated fuel

Lubrication System
- Full pressure full flow filtering system
- Positive crankcase ventilation
- Remote oil filter for easy maintenance

Cooling System
- Full freshwater cooling protects entire engine assembly
- Transmission cooler
- High volume stainless steel modular raw pump
- Thermostatically controlled cooling system

Exhaust System
- Free breathing pyramidal exhaust manifold
- High level exhaust discharge
- Reversible exhaust riser system

Electrical System
- Electronic Ignition
- 12-volt negative ground system
- Overload damage protection by a manual reset circuit breaker
- Wiring harness with ten-prong disconnect
- High-torque positive-engagement top-mount marine starter
- Temperature, oil pressure and voltage output data
- Moisture cover

Transmissions Options
- Compatible with all major transmission systems

- Owners manual
- Engine lifting rings
- Throttle and shift control brackets
- Multi-coat non-corrosive paint protection
- U.S. Coast Guard approved flame arrester

3 Year Limited Warranty


Rated Power:*Rated Power:* 390hp@5000rpm

Fuel System:Fuel System: Multi-Port EFI

Prop Rotation:Prop Rotation: LH with Forward Neutral Reverse Borg Warner


Width:Width: 27.8"

Height:Height: 22.6"

Total Weight:**Total Weight:** 950 lbs  (431kgs)