Marine Engine Monitor

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The Marine Engine Monitor (MEM) displays engine monitoring, transmission data and fuel/trip information on modern diesel engines via CANbus (J1939), a common 'language' used by engines and transmissions to communicate to each other and external devices such as the MEM.

Key Features:
• Displays engine, transmission and fuel/trip information
• Configurable single or multi screen displays in analogue, digital or graphical format
• Shows all current or stored alarms
• Selectable data units and language
• Optional boat speed via external GPS NMEA 0183 input
• Sunlight viewable LCD, backlit for night use
• Waterproof to IP67

The MEM is programmed to display all of the most popular engine and transmission monitoring data. It includes alarm, data logging and diagnostic screens, all of which can be user programmed to be displayed in the desired format. Four one touch buttons provide instant access to the users most common screen options. Multiple displays can be installed to monitor data in multiple locations such as flybridge, stateroom etc. Basically, if the engine is transmitting the data, the MEM will read and display it. One MEM unit is capable of displaying the equivalent data of four standard engine gauges simultaneously. More than 40 engine and transmission parameters are capable of being monitored in addition to more than 30 fault parameters available with relevant message such as too high/low. It is easily installed and connection to the data network is via a Deutsch connector. Leading diesel engine manufacturers supply the MEM as their preferred engine monitoring instrument.