Macs Ultrafilm Boat Engine Flush Additive 1ltr

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Macs Ultrafilm is a patented formula specifically designed to protect most metal surfaces, both ferrous and non ferrous from the corrosive effects of salt and fresh water minerals.
• This complex formula of corrosion inhibitors, lubricants, filming agents and oils provides a maintenance system that cleans moving parts, seals and water pumps, reducing repair bills and minimising the risk of motor failure.
• A unique, cost effective, preventative maintenance system that inhibits corrosion and prolongs the life of your marine engine.
• Ideal for flushing in boards, outboards, stern drives and jet skis.
• To prevent salt and mineral damage inside your marine motor.
• Clears cooling channels.
• Removes sediments and buildup.
• Lubricates water pumps.
• Applies and protective Ultrafilm coat which protects from salt corrosion.

Directions - Apply MACSUltrafilm internally to engine cooling systems using the MACS Injector and your normal flush system.
Apply to external metal surfaces with a spray applicator.