Macs SALT-X Boat Engine Flush Additive 1ltr

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Salt-X Hi-Tech concentrated additive designed to remove salt residue and stop salt corrosion in it tracks. Idea for flushing you inboard or outboard engine in environmentally sensitive areas close to water ways.
• Great for washing down boats, trailers, Jet skis, fishing tackle, 4x4’s, SCUBA Gear and spear fishing gear. Treating your fishing lures, desalting sails and extent the life of your equipment.
• Hi-tech corrosion control for all gear exposed to salt water.
• Save thousands on repairs.
• Non-toxic biodegradable and environmentally safe.
• Non-oil based - water soluble.
• Concentrate: 1 litre makes 35 litres, use with MACS injector kit.

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