JABSCO Aqua-Filta Drinking Water Filter

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The Jabsco "Aqua Filta" fits in-line into the drinking water system.

The head unit stays permanently and the removeable cartridge can be easily changed.

It is a silver impregnated activated carbon water filter that removes chlorine, unpleasent smells, foul tastes and discolouration from the water for clean, fresh tasting, crystal clear drinking water.

It uses silver impregnated carbon to cleanse the water and inhibit bacterial growth while retaining beneficial mineral salts. It is NOT a water purifier.

  • Tough moulded plastic components give 60 PSI pressure capability
  • Head unit includes Integral wall mounting bracket
  • Initial flow capacity up to 14 litres per minute
  • Screw-on replaceable 200 gram filter cartridge
  • Snap-in 90 degree ports rotate through 180 deg for ease of installation
  • Ports accept 1/2" BSP male, 13mm hose, 15mm JG & Whale fittings

J21-131 Replacement 200 gram filter cartridge