Elegance Mixer Faucet Tap - Whale 134102 134104

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Mixer Faucet Tap
Swivelling mixer faucet for hot and cold water systems. Available in short or long faucet configuration.

• Microswitch (supplied) is easily installed without tools. Turns on and off non pressure pumps with turn of tap
• Pillar valve for fine flow control
• Internal joints and seals are not under pressure when taps are closed
• Available as single or mixer units
• Robust ABS construction
• Elegance faucets and showers are serviceable, they are not sealed units. Single Faucet Tap Swivelling standard faucet for cold water only systems.

Base size: 164x55mm
Hose size: 12mm
Intrusion: 85mm
Mount screws: 4 c/s

134102 Elegance Mixer Short Faucet Height Above Bench (mm):120
134104 Elegance Mixer Long Faucet Height Above Bench (mm):184