Electric Cable Tinned Twin Sheath

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 Heavy tin plated annealed copper wire formed in such a way as to reduce capillary action of moisture within the cable,

flexible stranding to withstand the movement of the marine application and high temperature insulation (V75) to withstand the excessive ambient temperatures of some enclosed engine housings.

Twin Sheath Construction
Meets Australian Standards AS1125, AS/NZ3191, AS/NZ3000:2000

Available in :    Size:        Rated Amps:     nominal area mm2:    Stranding no/mm
                        3mm           16                        1.13                       16/0.3
                        4mm           22                        1.84                       26/0.3
                        6mm           40                        4.59                       65/0.3


Sold per Metre

10% Quantity discount for 30 metres or more!