Fulton F2 Boat Trailer Winch -2000lb FW20000101

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2000Lbs Lifting Weight (907kg)

The Fulton F2 Trailer Winch delivers a sleek and powerful, maintenance free performance with a 2,000-pound capacity and a clean, high-tech look that will compliment any boat and trailer. Thanks to a completely enclosed design, corrosion resistant coatings, and precision fitting, the F2 Winch is virtually maintenance free - no need to oil and tighten parts.

The Fulton F2 Trailer Winch delivers an easy-to-use, ergonomic performance with a soft grip handle that can be configured for left or right-handed drive and is fully adjustable from 6 to 7 inches to balance torque,speed, and clearance. In addition, the winch is equipped with a user-friendly lever that engages the pawl easily and eliminates the need for an exposed spring as well as E.I.S. - Easy Install System.Finally, every aspect of the F2 Winch's performance and durability has been rigorously tested to ensure a long-lasting operational life even under the harshest conditions

Fulton F2 Trailer Winch Features:

  • Part number: FW20000101
  • 2,000 lbs. capacity
  • One piece corrosion resistant aluminium frame
  • One piece corrosion resistant aluminium handle
  • Dual gear drum operates smoothly
  • Centre drive enclosed ratchet system
  • User-friendly pull-turn knob to engage ratchet plunger pin
  • Left or Right handed handle attachment
  • 4-position handle adjusts from 6in to 9in
  • Includes 20' strap with hook