Combination Faucet Shower

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Combination Faucet Shower
The swivelling faucet features a socket base unit with a retractable hose that enables use as a faucet or shower. Water flow can be temporarily shut off at the shower head. Wall mount for shower head included. Available as single or mixer tap.

The Elegance Range
Suitable for pressure or micro switched systems. Use 136639 adaptor for connection to Whale System 15 pipework.

• Microswitch (supplied) is easily installed without tools. Turns on and off non pressure pumps with turn of tap
• Pillar valve for fine flow control
• Internal joints and seals are not under pressure when taps are closed
• Available as single or mixer units
• Robust ABS construction
• Elegance faucets and showers are serviceable, they are not sealed units. Single Faucet Tap Swivelling standard faucet for cold water only systems.

Height above bench: 120mm
Hose size: 12mm
Mount screws: 4 c/s

N.B. Space must be available beneath tap for shower hose storage.