ATI Dual Heating Water Heater Stainless Steel - 30 Litre

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RCM Dual Heating Water Heater Stainless Steel - 30 Litre. Incoloy Electric Element and Heat Exchanger Coil.

  • Incoloy* Electrical Heating Element is available in 800 and 1200 Watts allowing hot water production when engine heat is not available.
  • Heat Exchanger Coil features a large surface area designed to generate a large output of hot water. Insulation uses closed cell expanded polyurethane foam (HFC, CFC, HCFC and HFA free).
  • Water Heater Tank has both Pickling and Passivation treatment for increased anti-corrosion performance.**
  • Adjustable safety thermostat.
  • Pressure relief and non-return valve. Easy drain connection.
  • Power cable and Australian plug supplied (AS/NZS 3112).

Purpose built from high-quality materials for the marine environment:

  • Tank: AISI 316L Stainless Steel.
  • Heat Exchanger: AISI 316L Stainless Steel.
  • External Casing: AISI 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Mounting Brackets: AISI 304 Stainless Steel.
  • RCM Certified: SAA-180560-EA.
  • CE Certified EN 60335.


  • * Incoloy refers to a range of superalloys designed for excellent corrosion resistance as well as strength at high temperatures.
  • ** Both Pickling and Passivation are chemical treatments applied to the surface of stainless steel to remove contaminants and assist the formation of a continuous chromium oxide, passive film which protect the Stainless steel from corrosion.
  • Available in other Sizes: 22L, 45L, 60L & 80L