6 Switch Touch Control Panel - Deluxe Membrane

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6 Switch Panel Features:
* Ultra compact panel size.
* Easy to install, almost no mounting depth required.
* Remotely installed control box.
* ON indicating LED and 10Amp PPTC protection.
* Heavy duty self adhesive (3M brand) for mounting.

* Faceplate: PET membrane touch panel.
* Circuit protection: Built-in resettable fuse (PPTC).
* Panel rating: 10Amp per branch @ DC 12V.
Panel Dimensions: 70mm x 62.5mm
Control Box Dimensions: 136mm x 90mm x 32mm
Panel Cut Out: 33mm x 15mm
Mounting Depth: < 10mm
Max Cumulative Amp: 35Amp
Warranty: 1 Year
Max Current: 12V - 10 Amps per branch
IP Rating: 67
Switches: 6
Note: * Mount with 4 gauge screws only (included)