FUSION MS-UD750 Marine digital media receiver with internal dock

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High-tech for the high seas


Flip-down face protects your smartphone or music player

FUSION's MS-UD750 digital media receiver serves as the hub of your boat's entertainment/information system. Hidden behind the water-resistant fold-down face, the shockproof storage pocket protects and charges your Apple® or Android smartphone while you're enjoying tunes from your digital media collection.

Home port for entertainment

The MS-UD750 can handle all your entertainment and communications needs when you're out on the water. In addition to working with an incredible variety of wired and wireless devices, you can connect this highly-advanced receiver to your NMEA 2000 network and communicate with any Fusion-Link™ certified Multi-Function Display or FUSION NMEA 2000-certified wired remotes (connectors sold separately). An internal software switch allows you to choose between NMEA or "traditional" receiver functionality.

Built-in Bluetooth® connectivity lets you stream music wirelessly using your smartphone, while you view track information on the color display. The MS-UD750 supports iPod® or iPhone® audio and you can even enjoy Pandora control with “Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down” voting capability. The large rotary encoder controls most functions, while the color LCD screen lets you see what's playing. You'll also see album art and other graphics on your phone when you use the FUSION-Link app.

If you love satellite radio, you can connect a SiriusXM tuner (subscription also required) to enjoy music, sports, entertainment, news, and essential weather-related content when you're many miles offshore. And if you store your entertainment library on a USB thumb drive or portable device, the MS-UD750 includes the inputs you need to get connected and get crankin'.

Best of all, with FUSION's innovative Zone Control, you can adjust the volume in up to four distinct zones – a great feature for larger vessels or tour boats.

Stylish and seaworthy

FUSION designed the MS-UD750 to be tough enough for marine duty, but also for ease of use. The fully-sealed aluminum chassis serves as a solid foundation, while the face and switchgear are IPX5 water-resistant. Designed specifically for the rigors of the marine environment, this receiver is backed by the FUSION True Marine™ 3-year warranty.

Bluetooth note: Use of this receiver's Bluetooth features will depend upon your phone's Bluetooth capabilities.

iPod/smartphone note: If you're going to use your iPod or smartphone with this receiver, be sure to check "Details" for compatibility information.

Product Highlights:

    General Features:
    • marine digital media receiver with built-in storage pocket (26 watts RMS/70 peak x 4 channels)
    • use Zone Control to raise or lower volume in one zone or all four
    • AM/FM/VHF tuner
    • works with iPod/iPhone, plus Android and Windows phones
    • Pandora control with "Thumbs up/Thumbs down"
    • efficient Class D amplifier technology conserves battery power
    • IPX5 water-resistant, front and rear
    • 2.7" bonded glass color display
    • plays MP3, M4A, and FLAC files
    • remote control
    • works with FUSION-Link™ certified MFDs or FUSION NMEA 2000-certified wired remote controls
    • plugs into your existing NMEA 2000 network
    • 4-zone audio with pre-out and sub-out
    • rear USB and AUX inputs
    Other Features and Specs:
    • compatible with the FUSION UniDock
    • mounting hardware included
    • warranty: 3 years