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The 700 Series True Marine Entertainment System is the culmination of Fusion's engineering and design brilliance, resulting in a product with superior sound quality, controls and features never seen before.

The MS-IP700 represents the perfect mix of innovation, functionality and ease of use, driven by feedback from the marketplace direct to your boat. 

NMEA 2000 Certified - Hardwire your Entertainment System into an existing NMEA network and communicate with partnered Fusion-Link marine electronics and NMEA 2000 Certified wired remote controls.

Ethernet Ready - Connect a wireless DHCP Ethernet Router to your Entertainment System for advanced wireless control of the on-board entertainment via Fusion 'App' for iPad, iPhone, Android or PC available for download. Fusion-Link Partnered marine electronics with Ethernet connectivity can also communicate and control the on-board entertainment.

Fusion-Link Partnered Ethernet marine electronics such as chart plotters and fish finders will become the entertainment hub for the entire vessel once connected to the Fusion 700 Series Marine Entertainment System.

If space is crucial at the helm of your vessel, the 700 Series Marine Entertainment System can be installed out of sight, you only need to return to your system to change a CD or iPod®, and when you’re on the move the Fusion-Link mobile ‘App’ is always in your pocket.


The Fusion-Link mobile application offers wireless control of the 700 series from anywhere within range of your wireless DHCP Ethernet Router.


Fusion-Link - Enables skippers the ability to manage and control the entire Fusion 700 Series Marine Entertainment experience through partnered Multi-Function Displays (MFD), creating an entertainment control centre for the entire vessel.

Navigate iPod Artist, Albums, Songs and Playlist with ease. Adjust the base or treble is as simple as a swipe of your finger. Adjust the volume in all 4 zones of you 700 series separately, link zones together or control the master volume.

4 Zone/Cabin System - With four individual audio zones available on the 700 Series, adjust the volume, balance and subwoofer independently in four separate areas of your vessel (for example cockpit, flybridge, saloon and cabin). 2 internal Class-D amplified zones are available with 4 line out and 4 subwoofer zones requiring additional amplification available. For localised control of each audio zone, install a Fusion MS-NRX200 wired remote control.

Intuitive and easy to use - Navigation and control of the entertainment experience is simple with Fusion's operating system, designed for simplicity above all else. Most controls are executed via the large rotary encoder and Fusion's iPod interface replicates the controls of the iPod, with Fusion Alpha Search Technology (F.A.S.T) allowing for quick navigation through thousands of songs in seconds. Album art is displayed in colour on screen and Fusion-Link mobile application.

Internal iPod / iPhone dock - Fusion's Internal iPod dock is continued and upgraded in the MS-IP700. Introducing an internal USB dock alongside the integrated iPod dock for waterproof housing of USB flash media providing MP3 music playback. 

Simply insert the USB directly into the (MS-IP700) unit, protecting the drive from the elements then sit back and enjoy the music. 

Note: The (MS-AV700) requires the optional (MS-DKIPUSB) dock for USB playback.

Apple iPhone 4 is now supported and sleeve is provided in the box.

Sources - AM / FM / VHF / USB / AUX / iPod / iPhone / Sirius XM Ready (USA only and requires additional tuner module SVX100 and Sirius XM Subscription) 

Marine VHF Receiver - Monitor your favourite VHF channels with the Fusion 700 Series. Channel scan, squelch control and 15 user presets are available, so you can listen to your favourite channels such as weather quickly.

Video playback - Watch video stored on your iPod or iPhone through the internal dock of the MS-IP700. Simply connect a compatible television or monitor to the Video Out RCA connection of the stereo and the audio will be played through the stereo speakers. 

Encased in a fully sealed electrically isolated aluminium chassis, the 700 Series is built to withstand the harsh marine environment.

Designed and engineered at Fusion's industrial design headquarters in New Zealand specifically for use in the water. Rated True Marine, the 700 Series has undergone and passed vigorous marine environmental testing and is rated IPx5 water resistant.

For vessels with an existing 600 Series stereo and remote installation, the MS-IP700 and MS-NRX200 will connect to existing cabling with the addition of Fusion T-Connectors supplied.

Note: MS-WR600 is not compatible with the MS-IP700.


  • True Marine iPod/iPhone/iPad Stereo
  • Full QVGA colour TFT LCD screen
  • Class-D Amplifier 70 Watts x 4 (max)
  • 360° Waterproof design (IPx5)
  • Ethernet Ready
  • NMEA 2000 Certified FUSION-Link Capable Multi-Zone Control (Four separate audio zones)
  • AM/FM Tuner with RDS VHF Receiver 
  • Fully integrated iPod user interface
  • iPod video playback through AUX output
  • Internal USB dock F.A.S.T (FUSION Alpha Search Technology)
  • Auxiliary input Rotary encoder volume control / menu navigation
  • Protective Dust Cover
  • Line Out (4 channel + 4 subwoofer)
  • Independent zone volume control
  • 12/24 hour clock with alarm function 

iPod Compatibility

  • NMEA 2000 Certified: Connect to an existing NMEA network for communication with FUSION-Link devices and FUSION NMEA 2000 Certified wired remote controls.
  • Ethernet Ready: Advanced wireless control is available with the addition of a DCHP Wireless Ethernet Router via iPad, iPhone, Android or PC 'App'
  • Fusion-Link: Compatible FUSION-Link Multi-Function displays become the entertainment control centre when connected to the FUSION 700 Series stereo.
  • Colour Daylight Viewable: Large backlit colour LCD with adjustable brightness allows for accurate display of the iPod and Sirius interface.
  • True 360° Waterproof Design: Complies with IPx5 Waterproof standards, which includes full behind dash water protection.
  • Innovative Multi-Zone Control: Fully adjustable volume, balance and subwoofer in all 4 zones of the vessel. Have loud music in the cockpit & quieter music in the saloon.
  • Advanced Power Saving: High output efficiency and low battery drain through the latest Class-D Amplifier technology.
  • True Docking For iPod/iPhone/USB: Unique internal dock for iPod / iPhone and USB, which keeps your device waterproof, secure and protected from the harsh marine environ
  • True Integration For iPod: Complete iPod integration & control is provided via a replication of the iPod menu on the stereo display, allowing simple & easy navigation.
  • Superior Die-Casting Construction: Engineered to withstand the harsh marine environment including salt spray, humidity and pounding seas.