Hi-Tec Premier Oil SJ/CD 20W50 5 Litre

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Perfect for Inboards & Sterndrive engines.

Premier SJ/CD 20W50 is a multigrade 20W/50 engine oil recommended for the mixed service conditions such as stop/start motoring in the city as well as cold crank starts in winter and hot summers.
PREMIER SJ/CD SAE 20W/50 is premium quality engine oil meeting the latest specifications and is suitable for all types of four stroke engines under the most severe and varied operating conditions.

PREMIER SJ/CD SAE 20W/50 provides increased engine life since the wear rates associated with quality SG engine oils are decreased byapproximately 20% for cams and 13% for bearings.

PREMIER SJ/CD SAE 20W/50 contributes to 21% less oxidation and more protection from piston deposits compared to SG engine oils when tested under the Sequence IIIE test technique.
Available in: 1lt, 4lt, 5lt, 20lt, 200lt & 1000lt IBC